Visual Talk

Visual stories, presentations, documentaries, filmlets on people who struggle for their right to live as people with dignity and self respect in democratic societies and people who are considered minorities in larger societies and thus have to struggle for their right to live a decent, human life as any other human in the majority society.

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(1) There was a Queen – Yi As Akh Padshah Bai

(2) Naka Naka Dupont Naka – “No” to DuPont

(3) Burma – People Under Siege

(4) Naga Story – The Other Side of Silence

Short introductions

(1) There was a Queen – Yi As Akh Padshah Bai

Intro – “Blasts are common place….Bunkers are everywhere…..All these have to go……We want peace…peace….” This discusses how women’s engagement with everyday violence had led them to think of issues of security, peace, conflict management and transformation in the unique situation of conflict in Kashmir. It is also an exploration of the relationship between the construction of the identity of the society/nation and that of women’s identity.

Direction – Kavita Pai and Hansa Thapliyal

Music – Manish J. Tipu

Camera – Ranu Ghosh

Editing – Gouri Patwardhan

Duration – 105 minutes

Language – Urdu / Hindi with English subtitles

An all women crew

(2) Naka Naka Dupont Naka – “No” to DuPont

Intro – DuPont, one of the world’s largest Nylon 6.6 manufacturers from the US was to establish its plant near Ponda in Goa around 1998. DuPont had a very sketchy track record having being fined $ 01 million a month in the US and was having law suits against environmental and public health issues. Environmentalists in India, especially in Goa feared their plant run off would endanger the environment and pollute the Mandvi river. The people decided to oppose the DuPont coming and they won. This sketches that people power.

Direction – Partha  Sarkar and Reena Kurkeja

Duration – 24 minutes

Language – English

Format – Beta

(3) Burma – People Under Siege

Intro – Burma gained freedom from the British in 1948, along with other British colonies in South Asia like India and Ceylon. After a short stint with democratic existence, Burma was taken over by a military junta in 1962. Ever since then, the people of Burma have struggled to throw out the military junta and it had become more ruthless and more sinister in its rule. People nevertheless forced the military junta to hold elections, but opted to crush the democratic forces that won elections and hold Daw Aung San Suu kyi of the National League for Democracy under house arrest. People yet see hope in their struggle for democracy. Their right to live as free citizens of Burma.

Direction – Tito Chandy and Pradeep Sebastian

Duration – 14 minutes

Format – Multi Media Presentation

(4) Naga Story – The Other Side of Silence

The Nagas are an indigenous population of over 03 million in the North – East hill country of India. They have been living their own community based, tribal life till the British took them under their control and ruled them also as part of colonial India. Ever since then, the Nagas wanted to have their own independence. They appealed to the British and then to the early Indian rulers. Now they have taken the struggle into their own hands. This traces that history and the repression the Naga people are faced with for their determination to liberate.

Direction – Gopal Menon

Language – Naga language with English subtitles

Duration – 64 minutes

Format – DVD