SA Constitutions

In South Asia,

Most countries have Constitutions that speak about the democracy their Citizens enjoy. But they differ from country to country.

Most recently in 2005, The Bhutanese Monarchy decided to provide more powers to the people and presented a Draft Constitution. In Nepal, an Interim Constitution removed the Monarchy in 2008 and elected a Constitutional Assembly to draft a new constitution, which most recently ran into political feuding. Maldives, like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan has a constitution that declares it as an Islamic Republic, but only for Sunni Muslims. India and Sri Lanka have democracies as old as 60 plus years with constitutions that proclaim them as Socialist Democratic Republics.

Thus it is extremely interesting to read all Constitutions side by side and to understand the depth of democracy written into them and the depth of democratic life the citizenry enjoy.

We give below, links to constitutions of SA countries.

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Constitution of the Republic of India

Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Constitution of the Democratic, Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Constitution of the Republic of Maldives

Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Draft New Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan (26 March, 2005)