We are a collective of concerned South Asian Citizens, forging links and networking with groups and organizations committed for democracy and plurality in SA.

We are concerned about increased militarization of our region, in the name of eliminating “terrorism” to safeguard sovereignty and national security.

This military option has only paved the way for human tragedies and brutalising of national States at the expense of human and civil liberties, stability, peace and democracy.

We therefore believe the option today, in this modern world, is to work towards democratising of societies to make them inclusive and establish pluralistic nation States.

In our South Asian region, we believe, this can not be done in isolated countries. It has to be a regional effort as we are victims of cross border conflicts.

This effort therefore is to help create a new awareness and a social mind set, a new dialogue and a discussion forum in establishing a futuristic SA society.

We have effectively networked with the Sri Lankan group, Centre for Social Democracy (CSD) that works in Sri Lanka to create awareness on social democracy, in its efforts to demilitarize and democratize the SL societyand promote a development perspective with social justice, for an inclusive nation State.

We, wish to invite other groups and organizations with similar democratic perspectives to network with us, in our effort in forging a strong and effective democratic platform for SA.

You could therefore send in your views and ideas, articles and write ups to,

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Thank you,

South Asian Democrats

Getting to know your neighbour right, is getting to know your own existence.