Opening quarter of 2011 pretty bad for HR in Bangladesh

The Government is withdrawing cases of murder, rape, robbery, corruption, extortion and for keeping illegal arms, by considering those ‘politically motivated cases’, bypassing the judiciary or any judicial process. Those cases have been withdrawn under political consideration and kept for ‘future consideration’; most of them were filed against ruling party leaders and activists. Furthermore, some cases have also been withdrawn where the plaintiff and accused were not even involved in politics. Considered as ‘politically motivated’ on January 11, 2011 a total of 1,479 cases were proposed for withdrawal at the 25th meeting of the ‘National Committee on reviewing the cases for withdrawal’. Of them, 900 cases have no recommendations from the District Committees.”

This is said by “Odhikar” in its latest report covering full 03 months on human rights situation in Bangladesh from January 01st to March 31st 2011. Odhikar is a human rights monitoring and campaigning organisation that regularly updates the human rights situation in Bangladesh.

The trend in relaxing judicial charges and allowing accused in rape and murder cases to be freed on politically motivated decisions by State officials responsible for judicial action, is becoming common in the SAARC region, as was witnessed very recently in Sri Lanka too.

In summary, the Odhikar report for the first quarter of 2011 includes issues on,

  • 01 extra judicial killing, every 3 days
  • Bangladeshi girl killed and hung on barbed wire fence by BSF
  • Complainant threatened by killers of Upazila Chairman
  • President’s clemency for person accused of murder
  • Criminal cases withdrawn on ‘political’ considerations’
  • Political violence continues
  • Whereabouts unknown after man is picked up by RAB
  • Fears corruption may increase if present Anti Corruption Commission Bill is passed
  • Meetings of Lamppost, Chattra Gonomoncho and Arial Beel Rakkha Committee dispersed
  • Clashes between police and protesters against airport at Arial Beel: cases filed against demonstrators
  • Government’s unwillingness to approve Odhikar’s project. Odhikar HRDs victims of harassment
  • Arrests under the Anti Terrorism Act 2009 and allegation of torture
  • People struggling for self-determination handed over to the Indian authority
  • Begging by children and protest against expulsion of beggars
  • Violence in the Chittagong Hill Tracts
  • Widespread violence against women

For full report of Odhikar for the period January 01st to March 31st 2011, please click link below –




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