Sri Lanka workers spearhead Campaign for Minimum Asian Wage

The first ever attempt to set a common floor wage for all Asian workers in the apparel industry has been undertaken as a global campaign and the first People’s Tribunal on decent working standards with a common minimum wage is being organised in Sri Lanka’s premier Free Trade Zone area, Katunayake, on 28 and 29 March, 2011.

Below is the full statement of the organisers.

We, ALaRM and Committee for Asian Women, being members of the Asia Floor Wage Alliance’s Steering Committee, on behalf of Sri Lankan garment workers employed in the global garment industry, would like to have the honour of your presence in aPeople’s Tribunal on “Minimum Living Wage and decent working conditions as fundamental Human Rights” on 27th March 2011 at 09.00am – 04.00pm, 28th March 2011 at 09.00am – 02.00pm in the YMCA, Colombo Road, Kurana, Katunayeka (near theGethsemane Church) where workers will present evidence and experts will provide findings before an international panel of judges, aimed at redressing the deficit in decent labour standards in the garment industry in Sri Lanka.

The Tribunal is being undertaken to pursue a global campaign for an Asia Floor Wage targeting garment manufacturers, suppliers, consumer-importers, garment workers and government officials. The Sri Lanka tribunal is first among other national hearings scheduled in upcoming months, and will culminate in a session being requested at the People’s Permanent Tribunal.

In preparation for the tribunal hearing CAW and ALARM have conducted consultations with the national trade unions in Sri Lanka and formed a Steering Committee to lead the preparation and organisation of the Tribunal. It has invited legal professionals, women’s rights advocates, and human rights defenders to join the endeavor to provide a holistic approach to the hearings.

For more information and to confirm your participation please contact

Mr. Palitha Atukorale at (Tel:2583030/3040) or

Mr. S. Amarasinghe at (Tel: 0778166177).

The Progress Union (PU) and United Federation of Labour(UFL)


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