Indian BSF accused of forcible acquisition of Bangladeshi land

On December 14, 2010 India’s Border Security Force (BSF) occupied a piece of land at Padua in the border area of Pashchim Jaflong at Gowainghat Upazila under Sylhet district in Bangladesh, says a media release from the Bangladesh HR organisation “Odhikar”.

It adds that, “About 300 BSF personnel with 200 Indian ‘intruders’ entered into Bangladesh territory and occupied an estimated 300 acres of land near the 1270 and 1271 international pillars at the Padua border. At that time the BSF had taken position with heavy arms and ammunition, flying red flags at the border. Several hundred Bangladeshi citizens, living in Pashchim Jaflong Union, armed with bamboo sticks, tried to prevent the move of Indian border guards.”

Indian arrogance in border security has always been an issue with less fortunate countries, neighbouring India. Bangladesh in particular has been raising the issue of Indian Border Security Forces entering into their land and intimidating Bangladeshi peasants, quite often. There had also been issues of Bangladeshi citizens taken into custody by Indian BSF men, for alleged cross overs, human rights organisations had time and again disputed as fake allegations.

There is dispute over how the borders of India are patrolled by these men in BSF, with many allegations of very corrupt practise. It is alleged that Rakhiney or Arakan Burmese, also known as Rohingiyas who cross over mainly to the Northern and Eastern States of Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland in India, have an on going businesses with BSF men on the border.

All these Indian States have armed militancy, fighting for autonomy, while on the other side of the border too, there are armed militant activities, fighting the Burmese military junta. The Indo – Burmese border is also known for drug trafficking and had been a serious concern for the Delhi administration.

Burma also has a long porous border with Bangladesh. There are long staying Rohingiya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh and are thought of as recruiting grounds for armed Islamic extremism.

Thus border patrolling along Indian borders have become a very profitable occupation for Indian BSF with equally corrupt counterparts across the borders, say human right activists.

For full Odhikar statement on recent BSF violations –




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