Jammu & Kashmir; Where local media is being killed

Indian paramilitary troops check a curfew pass of Photojournalist During a curfew in Srinagar.

All Kashmir’s media personnel were confined to their homes for several days following the entry of the Indian army on July 7. A few days into this round of closures in the valley, the Kashmir Press Guild – a platform of the most senior journalists in the region – issued a statement deprecating the situation in which local journalists were confined to their homes by an unrelenting curfew, while media personnel flying in from Delhi were afforded armed protection and allowed considerable freedom of movement. It was as if the story of Kashmir if at all it were to be told – could only be entrusted to the narrative skills of journalists enjoying the stamp of official approval that comes from working in the national capital.

On July 9, when curfew and closures were at their most oppressive in the Kashmir valley, the state government seemed to relent marginally after virtually locking all journalists in for days. Journalists in Srinagar were given a telephonic assurance that they would be provided fresh curfew passes to replace the ones invalidated after the army deployment of July 7.

As senior journalist Riyaz Masroor set off from his home in the Alucha Bagh neighbourhood of Srinagar, to collect the fresh issue of his curfew pass, he was stopped at a police checkpoint on the main thoroughfare near his home. Personnel of the local police reportedly did not ask him why he was stepping out during the curfew, nor did they wait for an explanation.

Few seemed to care that he was responding to a summons from the state government’s Information Department. He was attacked with heavy batons and forced to return home with injuries to his hip and right wrist.

For full final report of “The Other media” Fact Finding Mission http://www.scribd.com/doc/43991079



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