Maldive democracy with previous dictatorial executive and present dictatorial parliament

There is seemingly a confusion what democracy is and how it is interpreted in a society. In the Maldives, a much fragmented society due to its geographical spread in 26 atols, that covers over 185 inhabited islets from around 1200 altogether with a population of nearly 300,000, democracy is the right rule through an elected executive president, with the elected Majlis, the parliament allowing executive rule. It also means the parliament that legislates law, should do so, as desired by the executive.

This today, is a growing friction seen between the presidential rule of the Maldive Democratic Party elected in 2009, ending the 30 year autocratic rule of Gayoom and the present parliament.

Speaking at the ceremony to mark the fifth anniversary of the Maldives Democratic Party, it’s Chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi who hails from one of the two powerful royal families in the maldives, has said that previously it was a dictatorial executive, referring to President Gayoom, but now it is a dictatorial parliament which is hindering progress.

Mariya Ahmed Didi also noted the opposition parties which have campaigned for a presidential system is trying to rule the country like a parliamentary democracy. Mariya Ahmed Didi was referring to opposition DRP’s bills which aim to limit the policy options of the government, which MDP sees as an encroachment by the parliament into the mandate of the Executive.

Mariya Ahmed Didi also noted that members of the independent commissions usually work with the government agencies, and President usually send the name to such commissions in almost all the countries, but simply because DRP controls the parliament, it has decided that parliament would recruit the members to such independent commissions.

Mariya Ahmed Didi also thanked the general members of the MDP for their support for the party and noted that MDP’s membership is diverse.

Mariya Ahmed Didi also expressed her hope President Nasheed would continue to serve the nation with diligence.

In the ceremony to mark the fifth anniversary of MDP, President Nasheed hoisted the national flag while Mariya Didi hoisted the party’s flag. A special prayer was also performed at the conclusion of the ceremony by MDP Council member, Ahmed Zaki.


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