Tamil Film Industry to boycott Colombo IIFA 2010 ceremony

IIFA 2010 ceremony was officially announce in Colombo Sri Lanka by its brand ambassador Amithabh Bachchan at a grand media conference a fortnight ago

Tamil Film Industry has issued a joint statement insisting the Boycott of IIFA festival in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Tamil Film fraternity that includes artistes, directors, producers, technicians, distributors and film hall owners, was convened at the Chamber of Commerce hall, Chennai on 28 May.

They have resolved at this meeting to dissociate and not to co-operate with any Indian film artiste who would participate at the Colombo IIFA ceremony, clearly saying they are not against IIFA, but having it in Colombo, Sri Lanka is not acceptable.

Previously, popular film song writer, Tamarai Subramaniam made a strong plea to the Tamil film industry to boycott the Colombo IIFA ceremony, calling it an insult to the Tamil people to provide such publicity to the Sri Lankan government headed by Rajapaksa.

Reasons for the boycott of IIFA 2010 ceremony by the Tamil Film Fraternity is spelled out below.

Last year the Sri Lankan Sinhala government enjoyed massacring the Tamil children, men and women in thousands and changed the Eelam soil into a burial ground. The death cries still ringing in the ears of the Tamils of the whole World.

The Tamil Film industry in total went to Rameshwaram and voiced our protests against the genocidal war of SL govt. and insisted to stop the war and save Tamils. Actors, Producers, Directors, Technicians, Workers and T.V. Artists altogether joined the Human chain, Processions, Protest rallies and public meetings and condemned the SL govt.’s brutality . SL govt. did not stop the war in spite of our hue and cry. The Tamil brethren who lost their limbs and parts due to the war move around as the memorial symbols of the war and it breaks our heart.

In expressing our full support to our brothers and sisters we request that the IIFA function (festival) be not conducted at Colombo in coming June 4, 5 and 6th of 2010. Even after this condemnation, if at all the organizers go ahead for this event, and then we urge all actors, actresses, producers, directors, technicians, distributors and theatre owners of Indian film industries should boycott this event.

In support of sorrowing and suffering Tamil’s of SL. the Tamil Film industry has taken the decision to boycott IIFA in Colombo and in turn we request Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malyalam, Marathy and other languages film industry to lend their support.

Whenever there is a crisis to the Humanity in any part of the world the Film industry is the one which runs to help.

Let our Indian Film industry more particularly the Tamil Film industry boycott, teach a lesson to the SL Sinhala Govt. which tries to hide its atrocities and as well trying to get fame in short cut methods like this.

The unity and solidarity will always achieve its Goal.

This resolution is signed by –

South Indian Film Chamber, Film Employees Association of South India (FEFSI), South Indian Film Artiste’s Association, Tamil Film Producers association, Film Distributors Association, Theatre Owners Association, Television Artiste’s Association

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