From undercover journalists’ sacrifice, “Burma VJ” wins over 40 international awards

The extra ordinary efffort by the clandestine group led by an untiring, hyper determined democracy activist using the name “Joshua” working from behind iron curtains in Myanmar as undercover journalists to bring to the world, the life and plight of the people of Myanmar sees little parallels in recent media history.

For the first time too, their efforts in capturing the brutal crackdown on the 2007 saffron uprisisng, the street protests of thousands of monks with people joining in, was beamed back into Myanmar.

Their sacrificial efforts in shooting footage and smuggling them to the world via Thailand were pieced together in Norway, into a documentary called the “Burma VJ” that speaks for itself to give life to the story of the people and that of the ruling military junta.

To tell the world of the wrath of the people against the ruling military junta and the ruthlessness of the junta against the people of Myanmar. A story, the military junta has for decades been trying to hide from the world.

You could now continue on youtube to watch the other 06 episodes that make the full documentary.


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