Is Indian Cricket going anti-Pak ?

While the IPL auction was on last week on 22nd January, one didn’t expect all Pakistani players who were up for auction to go without bids. There were 12 slots fallen vacant and there were very strong cricketing candidates from Pakistan up for any one’s bid. The day ended with no Pakistani cricketer having any bids and left out from the IPL tournament, altogether.

It seemed a collective approach in keeping Pakistani cricketers out.

IPL boss Modi

What was the reason ? Is it just a security issue that prevented them coming in, or, was it a racist stance in Indian cricket ?

Here’s a take on that from a write up appearing in a blog – OffStumped.

The bottom line is this is not about Cricket, this is about how we do business in India.

The fact that not even on franchise bid on even one Pakistani player points to tacit collusion. The IPL franchises behaved like a cartel to discriminate against players of certain nationality. Now IPL as a League could have formally barred all players of Pakistani origin, but they chose not to do so, thus betraying a certain lack of business ethic.

Yes, IPL as a private business has the right to do what it wants but that right is not beyond the ethics and values how any business must conduct itself. Tacit collusion by a cartel to discriminate against individuals based on origin doesn’t speak highly of IPL’s ethics and values as a private business.

The situation here is no different from a H1-B scenario. Imagine all of Silicon Valley tacitly colluding to discriminate against H1-B visa holders legally in the United States, eligible and willing to work in the United States by its laws.

It is one thing if the Indian State were to bar Pakistani citizens from participating in commerce in India by denying them visas.

Cricket players from Pakistan who were passed over by IPL did not come by boat illegally without visas. They were ready to sign up to perform in India legally playing by Indian laws.

If granted a legal visa to perform in India there should be no basis for any cartel to tacitly collude and discriminate against any group of individuals be it Pakistani cricketers or Chinese Engineers.

This issue is not about Cricket. This issue is about transparency, business ethics and how we do business.

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