A comprehensive review of Indo – Myanmar Relations and Indian implications

Dr. Singh and SoniaNot so long ago, media reported Indian political interests over riding democratic life of the Myanmar people, with the Indian government accepting the second in Command of the Burmese military junta as their guest in Delhi and then accepting to fund the Dawei sea port in Myanmar. Indian geo politics has decided to reach into ASEAN trade through Myanmar, ignoring the early democratic ideals with which it treated Burma. [read Thinking business with ASEAN through conflict ridden North-East India and India and China competing for Malacca Straits in Burma in https://southasiaspeaks.wordpress.com/category/burmamyanmar/]

Relations between India and Myanmar over nearly five decades have been governed by many complex factors. Amongst them are the strategic location of Myanmar, India’s commitment to idealism-driven support to the restoration of democracy in Myanmar, realism-driven need to deal with those actually governing the country, the implications of China’s increasing presence and role in Myanmar etc. China, fortunately for it, has been able to make its foreign policy decisions without having to bother about the nature of the regime in any country.

This paper, titled “India-Myanmar Relations: A Review” prepared by Mr. R. Swaminathan, President & DG, International Institute for Security and Safety Management (New Delhi), former Special Secretary, DG (Security),Govt. of India and Vice-President, Chennai Centre for China Studies, was presentated on 29 October 2009 at the National Seminar on “Recent Developments in Myanmar : Implications for India”, organized jointly by the Department of Politics & Public Administration(University of Madras) and Center for Asia Studies (Chennai).

Mr. R. Swaminathan, can be contacted at rsnathan@gmail.com and the complete paper presented can be accessed at http://www.c3sindia.org/india/1012 and is recommended for all Indo-Myanmar enthusiasts.

“southasiaspeaks” regrets its inability to publish the whole document in full, due to its length.



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