The Nepali knot of Nepal, no knot says Phokhrel

Madhav NepalSlamming sceptics’ speculation that the loosely allied current coalition government could crumble at any time, Minister for Information and Communication Shankar Phokhrel asserted the government was secure as long as the sovereign parliament would continue rendering its support to it.

Such speculation is meaningless at a time when the government itself is inclined to forge politics of national consensus, he said.

The current government emerged by agency of the Legislature-Parliament on the basis of majority and therefore it would certainly not perish just because some people want it to, he clarified.

Counter charging the sporadic criticism that a ‘rejected’ person [Madhav Kumar Nepal] has come to premiership [as opposed to popular mandate], he said the criticism was only an outcome of people’s two-faced nature as the very people who brought him [Nepal] to the CA were stoking such propaganda.

Minister Pokhrel said NC leader Girija Prasad Koirala played an instrumental role in the first phase of the peace process from the time the 12-point peace pact was signed with the Maoists through the election of the Constituent Assembly.

However, in the post-election phase, it was Nepal’s accommodative role that really contributed to galvanising the past initiation, he added.

He also called on the Maoists not to stall House proceedings under the guise of civil supremacy, rather cooperate with the government in the statute-drafting process.

……. And trying to untie the Prachanda knot

PrachandaThe meeting between the Unified CPN-Maoist and CPN-UML called to find a way out to the House stalemate ended inconclusively on Saturday as well.

The meeting failed to reach to a conclusion after the Unified CPN-Maoist remained firm on its stance. It has been saying that it would not let the House proceedings resume unless Parliament was ready to discuss the President’s decision on the army chief issue.

Though the meeting failed to reach to any conclusion, leaders present in the meeting termed the discussion successful.

“Though we could not reach to a conclusion, the talks were positive. We will again hold discussion on Sunday,” UM leader and political advisor to the PM Raghuji Pant said.

UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who was present in the meeting, said his party would let the House proceedings resume to facilitate the government bring Advance Appropriation Bill.

However, UML leaders claimed that the elected government had the every right to present its policy and programmes and budget for the upcoming fiscal year in the Parliament.

The UCPN-M leaders told the UML leaders that the party was not ready to allow the government to present annual budget in Parliament.

Meanwhile a presidential conspiracy knot

Dr. BhattaraiSenior Unified CPN (Maoist) leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai Saturday claimed conspiracies are being hatched to bring about presidential governing system with the power of army.

“We have received the information from a reliable source,” he claimed while accusing Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and UML leader K P Oli of dancing to the tunes of foreign powers.

Speaking at a programme in Dulegouda, Tanahun, Dr Bhattarai opined a “big uprising” is needed to stop that.

He added the Maoists will continue to fight in favour of new constitution, civilian supremacy and nationalism.


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