Daya Master’s journalist list that never was

LTTE media spokesman Daya Master has not divulged names of any journalist in his confession, although the government claimed otherwise saying that Daya Master had given the names of journalists in the pay of the LTTE.
Highly placed sources told LAKBIMAnEWS that during the 4½ hour confession made by Daya Master before Colombo Chief Magistrate Nishantha Hapuarachchi, there was no information regarding journalists.
Meanwhile, rumour did the rounds during his confession that he had mentioned names of some journalists who allegedly obtained privileges and were in the pay of the LTTE. However, court sources confirmed that there was no truth in the rumour.
Daya Master and the LTTE translator, made voluntary confessions before the Colombo Chief Magistrate. Daya Master’s confession had lasted 4½ hours, while George Master’s had lasted some 3 hours.
The CID is continuing to interrogate the two suspects who are under detention orders.
Meanwhile, in the recent case where secretary of the Sri Lanka Working Journalists’ Association, Poddala Jayantha was attacked on June 1, rumour did the rounds once again claiming that the attack was a sequel to his name being mentioned by the suspects.

[LB News – 21 June, 2009 By Ishara Rathnakara]


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