How goodwill is swapped for “Tiger suspects”

The Indian government, though not officially disclosed or confirmed, is said to have acceded to a request by the SL government to hand over around 300 refugees of SL Tamil origin to the SL authorities in Colombo, who are presently in the custody of the criminal investigation department of the Tamil Nadu police. Most of them have been in TN detention camps for many years with criminal charges. Legal proceedings have been instituted, say informed legal sources. Some have no charges and are held for security reasons, interpretation of which is very ambiguous under the age old “Foreigners’ Act” of 1946, say the same sources.

Meanwhile, there were reports of local Thamilean activists in many parts of Tamil Nadu being taken into custody in hundreds, after the May general elections. Political support for the SL Tamil Tiger issue and for humanitarian demands on IDPs held in Vavuniya camps, are being severely crushed with this round of arrests, say Thamil activists, who do not want to be named. “The situation in Thamil Nadu is not what it was before elections” said one. “Now the State is turning on political activists”. he added.

When the process of handing over of these SL Tamil refugees to the SL authorities are not clearly known, as yet and who they are also not known. The indications are, the SL authorities have classed them as “possible Tiger terrorists” wanted for further investigations. But how the list of names were compiled in Colombo, is mind boggling, said a political activist.

Perhaps the intelligence units on either side of the Palk Strait were exchanging information and feeding each other, all these years. That was happening every where, from the US to EU member countries, to Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and even Sri Lanka, under the “Global war against terror”. The silent but ruthless mechanism of “intelligence” was one that all governments considered as important in teething to “extract information” by any means and one the civil society, did not feel and see in their daily interventions.

The list of 300 “suspects” called for by the SL government in all probability, was such exchange of “terrorism infor” and they are now to be openly handed over in due time, say TN sources. “For India, it will be an attempt to openly assist the SL government in its last ditch effort to sweep out Tiger terrorism and win goodwill.” the sources said.

Both governments came off strong in the month of May this year. The Indian Congress led government with their comfortable win at the elections, which spelled a thorough defeat to the pro-Tiger sentiments and campaigns in TN and the SL government, which declared a resounding win over the Tamil tigers in the Wanni.

“They are both now on terra firma, politically, for some time”, said a TN political analyst who also noted, TN would have a silent repression unleashed against any pro-Tiger campaign in time to come. “Karunanidhi and his family in power for now, will not mind it.” he concluded.

(from TN sources – 16 June, 2009)


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